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Locate a is one of the fastest growing directories of law firms and lawyers on the Internet. Getting listed is quick and easy and you can do it online. A Basic Listing includes one firm profile (one office location) for only $50.00 per month. It is probably the most reasonably priced law listing you can find on the Internet. You can expand your Internet presence with more attorney profile pages and additional office locations.

Get Listed Now or call Locate a at 1 888-414-2390 for more details:

Get Listed Online

Locate a has provided a simple enrollment form for you to get started. Simply choose the number of office locations ($50 each per month) and whether you want any additional Attorney Profile pages. Then you will be directed to a registration form where you will enter basic order information (like office address, name of practice, contact person, billing information, office email address, etc.). Then you will be asked to select all the areas of practice used to find you in the search results. You will receive an email with your login information. Then you can login to your customer account and build you law firm profile page and attorney profile pages. It's that easy!

Click here to begin: Enrollment Form.

Sample Law Firm Profile Page

Please see the sample law firm profile page. Your law firm profile page lists your firm details including address, phone and fax details, plus links to your website, a location map plus a link to a secure email form. In the Firm Profile section you can provide a complete description of your practice. The Practice Areas section lists all your areas of practice, the Attorneys section has links to individual attorney profile pages and the Other Offices section has links to any additional office locations you may have in the directory. See Details.

Sample Attorney Profile Page

Please see the sample attorney profile page. All the firm details are available including address, phone and fax details, plus links to your website, location map and secure email form. In the Lawyer Profile section you can provide a complete bio. The Practice Areas section lists all your areas of practice. There are also sections available for education, Bar admissions and birth info. See Details.

Sample Search Results Page

Please see the sample search results page. Featured Listings have 1st position at the top, Premium Listings have 2nd position and appear after the Featured Listings and the Basic Listings have 3rd position after the Premium Listings. See Details.



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